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PT SH Machinery Indonesia plots success with Grove cranes

Grove GMK all-terrain cranes 4100L

PT SH Machinery Indonesia, the authorised dealer for Grove all-terrain cranes in Indonesia, has enjoyed a successful start in its representation of the Manitowoc brand. Last year, the company signed an agreement to manage sales and service operations for Grove’s GMK range and since then it has delivered several units and is in discussions about several more.

One customer so far is North Sumatra-based PT Saranabaja Perkasa. The heavy equipment supplier has bought three Grove all-terrain cranes: two GMK4100L units and a GMK5220 unit. These units will go into its fleet of rental machines, which already include other Manitowoc cranes as well as excavators, wheel loaders, bulldozers, backhoe loaders, motor graders, and various other equipment.

“Grove all-terrain cranes are known for their powerful lifting performance, superior off-road mobility, and industry-leading reliability. We are confident that they will meet the standards that have helped us build almost 30 years of reputation for providing equipment solutions to our customers in the toughest of conditions,” said Mr Hidayat the president-director of PT Saranabaja Perkasa.

Grove Crane GMK5220

The innovative design of the cranes is not the only factor in ensuring end-users like PT Saranabaja Perkasa meet project deadlines. Equally important is customer support, according to Mr Tan Cheng Guan, executive director of Sin Heng Heavy Machinery Limited.

PT SH Machinery Indonesia, based in Tangerang is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sin Heng Heavy Machinery Ltd., an equipment sales and rental organization with operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

“Indonesia is a vast country, and many of its major project sites are in remote areas, so companies already know that it takes a little time to get support when it’s needed,” says Mr Tan. “But our company minimizes that time with parts and service expertise to resolve any customer issues in the fastest time possible.”

PT SH Machinery Indonesia has trained technicians with the expertise and experience to handle the majority of repair and maintenance issues. In addition, the company has also invested in its spare parts stock, reducing waiting times for customers and ensuring service levels meet those expected.

Innovative design features

To date, the most popular Grove cranes in Indonesia are the GMK4100L, the GMK5220 and the GMK6300L. And there are several unique Grove innovations that make them a popular choice, says Mr Tan:

“The Megatrak suspension system plus the Megaform boom with its Twin-Lock pinning system make the Grove cranes easier to move in limited job site spaces and to set-up for road transport – two common challenges in Indonesia,” he said. “Also, the cranes’ German design and build quality mean they are low-maintenance machines that are reliable in any terrain and have longer lifespans than alternatives.”

Megatrak is Grove’s patented fully-independent suspension system that provides all-wheel steer and multiple-axle drive capabilities. It provides greater ground clearance than traditional axle designs and allows for a deeper frame design in the crane’s carrier, which in turn delivers better strength. The system is controlled by the operator from the cab and offers unprecedented off-road driving versatility.

In recent years Grove has reinforced its position as the leading supplier of long boom cranes in the industry and two important design innovations help support this. Megaform is the unique curved shaping that is applied to the crane’s boom design and helps give it the stiffness and strength to deliver the superior load charts that Groves are known for. The Twin-Lock pinning system, meanwhile, is the internal extension mechanism that helps ensure the cranes are ready to work in the fastest time possible, while adding only minimal weight to the overall design. Having less weight in the boom means more can be focused in the counterweight, again ensuring stronger lifting.

Crane choices

The GMK6300L is not only a popular choice in Indonesia, but worldwide. The 300 t capacity crane is one of the most popular six-axle machines of all time, with its 80 m main boom and strong load chart giving it unprecedented versatility. The GMK4100L is also identified by its long main boom, which stands at 60 m for the 100 t capacity four-axle unit. This machine was launched only last year but has already been delivered to a number of company fleets across South East Asia. Finally, the GMK5220 is a proven and reliable performer from Grove cranes. Its 220t capacity and 68 m main boom make this popular model a great option for rental companies looking for more capacity from their five-axle mobile crane.

“Grove GMK all-terrain cranes are suited to just about any industry in Indonesia,” says Mr Tan. “Whether it’s at mining sites, on petrochemical projects or in general construction, the innovative designs and reliable performance of Grove cranes means customers know they can expect a solid return on their investment.”

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